Tube today is a technical review that faces problems of tubes, pipes and bars production, manufacturing, cutting, bending, deformation and every other applications.
Our magazine is supported by a serious and clever staff that has defined its goal in offering the enterprises an important way of acknowledgement and interaction. Itís edited every three months in two languages (Italian and English) in its paper version, while on the web it will be in four languages. Itís delivered in all Europe, from the eldest towing countries such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain, to emerging countries like Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Yougoslavia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia and Baltic Republics. However each european country is covered with postal distribution and at present day Tube Today arrives also in Middle and Far East.
Widespread distribution is in over 5000 copies: detailed information are available in distribution page.
Our magazineís intent is to make all branch enterprises know all technical innovation which producers and researcher can place at their disposal.
Tube Today will offer close reports from main branch fairs, both on web, constantly brought up to date, and on paper edition; our magazine will give wide visibility to enterprises summarizing operative techniques, new products, managers and traditions.

Tube today
published by:

R.T.S. Riviste Tecniche Specializzate s.r.l.
Via Caselette Km 16,200
10091 Alpignano (TO) - Italy
Tel.: 0039 011 95 66 950 - 0039 011 95 16 923
Fax: 0039 011 95 66 950
E-mail: tubetoday@tubetoday.it

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