Sharing and thinking in a global perspective; make system, to respond to challenges coming from other continents; working together, because what keeps us together is stronger than what divides us; the message coming from Made in Steel, aimed at the steel world but also valid for all industrial and machine tools sectors, is strong and clear.Addressing reality means opening up to the challenges of the global market and not closing in your own niche, thinking that everything will remain as it has always been, that the market will always be what it was twenty or even just ten or even five years ago. In Milan, the first ever of Made in Steel in the Rho fairground, for those who did not clearly see the message, visible from every corner of the two pavilions stands the “ArcelorMittal”, as saying “just look up to see the Effects of the global market“.To have a counter-test, just take a look at CECIMO's data: if in 2001 around 50% of machine tools produced in the world came from Europe, today, ...







 Measuring and control systems

 Lift Truck






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