It is a growing Europe that starts at an optimistic fourth quarter with rosy prospects for the coming year, though likely to be less positive than the current one. In the second quarter, GDP grew, compared to the already positive first quarter, both in the Euro area and in the European Union 28 countries, marking a total of + 0.6%. Compared to 2016, the corrected GDP for the effects of the calendar has increased by 2.1% in the Eurozone and by 2.2% in the EU28, slightly up from the first quarter, respectively by 1.9% and + 2.1%.On the other hand, the same International Monetary Fund had revised upwards estimates for some euro area countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain, after the positive performance recorded in the first quarter. In the Eurozone, the IMF estimates were up by 1.9% (+ 1.7%) and 2018 to +1.7% (+ 1.6%).Italy will remain with Japan the tailbone of the G7 countries, with an expected GDP growth of 1.3% (against 0.8% assumed three months ago), which should decel...








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