Another year passed by. Another year devolved in expectation for resumption that finally takes place, totally devoted to open new markets, despite the global uncartainity that placed hot areas just in the middle of growing countries. In the sector of machine tools, despite the global decrease of sales, European companies improved the result of 2016, breaking again the wall of 24 billion euro, with an annual growth of 2% that leads total turnover to 24.4 billion euro. At the same time, European companies pointed hard on new technologies, chasing innovation included in the induction of Industry 4.0 and AI. Germany stands firmly in its MT producer leadership position, securing 46.4% of the CECIMO MT production, followed by Italy and Switzerland, with 21% and 11%, respectively.According to Cecimo, European companies exported 18.3 billion euro worth machine tools, mainly to China (14.9%) and US (10.5%), although, the trade within European countries remains the most important – 41.5% of our ...











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