EMO LIVE - Second day with positive perspectives

It was a good day at EMO 2017: a good number of visitors crowded the lanes of the Hannover Messe pavilions, confirming the appeal of the fair on German visitors, always available to run in mass at events organized nationwide. As for the foreigners, while running the risk of being mistaken, we can say that the flow is not at all remarkable and is largely attested to the levels of the last edition in Hannover in 2013, certainly not a historically favorable time, not even a edition to remember. However, some exhibitors are really optimistic not only for the fair, but also for the general market.As always, there is a great deal of presence of Italian companies that are divided equally: on the one hand, those who think that generalist fairs do not have a rosy future, while others believe that there is still room for (few) events global character. Similarly, there are two opinions on the Italian market: on the one hand, those who argue that the recovery is felt firmly, with sales increasing in the domestic market as well, while others still consider the dominant market abroad.Tonight we will be presenting TIMTOS 2019, the machine tool fair that will be held in 2019 in Taiwan. Tomorrow we will update you, as always at fairs, in real time. Stay Connected.


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