EMO LIVE - Danobat points to Italian market

The sun finally shines on Hannover, and everything looks more rosy and beautiful: even a fair that develops slowly, with a few really busy days and all the rest waiting for a take-off, that is, of the number of visitors or of the plane to home. The fourth day is, all considered, good, with many visitors in the different pavilions, a bit more in ones dedicated to milling and work centers, a bit less in cutting, but all in all, the movement is more than discreet. The trend of operator satisfaction is really bipolar: some of them are actually happy with a fair that has always met the expectations, and the expectations for EMO are always very high; others, however, reiterate the main criticism that is being made at EMO, that is to be EMO, a generalist fair, a broad overview of the vast world of machine tool that, by its very own construction, does not deepen any sector .Many companies have, however, chose the ever-wide EMO stage to present initiatives and programs. It is the case for Danobat, who has announced that he will work decisively on the Italian market in the next few years with a new plant in Piedmont, in Bistagno. The director of the operation is Alberto Tacchella (in the photo during the presentation at the Danobat stand): "For Danobat it is not just about gaining a space on the Italian market that we think is actually reachable, but to become a reference for rectification. We want to establish with our customers have a trusted and collaborative relationship, providing the best hardware and software and consulting services that we can achieve. "To learn more about Danobat's initiatives and to deepen the theme proposed by Alberto Tacchella, do not miss the next issue of the magazine, which will be released in December.Stay tuned.


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