TUBE LIVE - Less visitors, interested visitors, many news

Wind of optimism blows along the rows in Tube2016: almost all the exhibitors declare themselves satisfied by the quality of contacts during the exhibition, even if the visitors' behaviour was not as we were used: the number of overall visitors seems lower than in past, early in the afternoon the rows empty and long before closing time people have left Messe Dusseldorf. Contacts, however, are qualified and profitable for the exibitors' satisfaction. Many companies are showing new machineries, moreover many are showing new ideas and processes, with some interesting partnerships also from main companies. The road to future has been traced, as usual it starts from Dusseldorf. More updates soon on this website and complete report on next printed edition, issued in June.


Удобство подписки: ознакомление в режиме реального времени с новостями отрасли позволяет тебе быть на шаг впереди. Подписка является удобным средством для ежедневного ознакомления с событиями, происходящими в отрасли, а также для получения точных и четких ответов на твои потребности в информации.