EMO LIVE - A good third day: what about a tour to Taiwan?

[photo: 1: left] Let's see if you are prepared: what is the fifth fair in the world? And what is the world's fifth largest exporter of machine tools? And, most importantly, what is the nation expecting an increase in exports by 20% by the end of 2017?All right, you are prepared: it is Taiwan. A country in which the supply chain is not short but very short: in just over 60 kilometers there are all the subcontractors of a flourishing machine tool industry. That is why the Taiwanese can boast reduced production times and competitive prices: for them, logistics is virtually optional. There are so many stories to tell, and we will do it on the next issue of the magazine. For the time being, we are just telling in brief about the fifth show in the world for visitors, TIMTOS, the display of machine tools held in Taipei in March of odd years: over fifty thousand visitors, about 15% of them coming from 'Europe and the USA, more than one thousand and two hundreds exhibitors, 228 of which coming from abroad are the numbers of last year's issue, records that the organizers of TAMI and TAITRA hope to exceed two years when they will have a new pavilion in the neighborhood exhibition in Taipei whose construction is undergoing forced stages. Is it really worth a European or American company, or South American, or Japanese, to participate in TIMTOS? What curious stories are behind the takeoff of a manufacturing industry that stands ready to fight to break the myth of low prices at the expense of low quality, leading to the challenge of Industry 4.0? All these questions will be answered in the next issue of our magazine, available on this site since December, but for now you just need to know that there are so many reflection ideas.Meanwhile, EMO2017 lives its days of glory: at last many visitors, not only from Germany, most satisfied exhibitors and fighters for what promises to be a great achievement Thursday. After a start, as always, a little tired, EMO2017 found impetus and shock strength. We will see if it will continue for at least another day. Stay tuned.


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